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Armature snowboard crafting since 2006

don't want mass market
seeking custom fit instead
make perfect snowboard

Boardcrafter Design 
Now Free

Boardcrafter Design was originally made to run on Windows XP. It's old and is not being maintained, updated, or supported but you can use it for free if you want.


Here are the upgrade credentials you can use:

Name: Freeride

Key: 818A-3901-B2BA-E046

Make a Snowboard Video Guide

Made long ago but still applicable, this video guide covers how to make a snowboard from beginning to end using the vacuum pressing method and Boardcrafter Design. 

  • Intro: How To Make a Snowboard Video Guide

  • Inspired Snowboard Design - Part 1

  • Snowboard Design Customization - Part 2

  • Snowboard Mold Rib Template - Part 3

  • Making Snowboard Mold Ribs - Part 4

  • Snowboard Mold Setup - Part 5

  • Make a Snowboard Base Template - Part 6

  • Routing Base Material - Part 7

  • Shaping and Attaching Snowboard Edges - Part 8

  • Snowboard Core Shaping - Part 9

  • Layup Preparations - Part 10

  • Layup and Vacuum Pressing - Part 11

  • Snowboard Finish Work - Part 12

  • Base masking tip